It is sad when some people who claim to be intellectuals are being easily led to draw conclusions that all Muslims are terrorists as if they aren’t non-muslim terrorists around. What happened to our ability to think critically— To critically examine situations? To nuance and contextualize instead of simplifying and de-contextualizing our analyses? Are we even intellectuals anymore? By the way, Al Shabab kills Muslims in Somalia too. When they do that, they do not ask those Muslims to cite shahada, they just kill them.

I know you will say that it is our fault as Muslims that we have allowed a misconstrued meaning of Jihad becoming dominant out there instead of the true meaning of Jihad that we uphold.

Non-radical Muslims like myself at a dilemma. We neither have the resources of CNN/BBC and other propaganda machinery to enlighten people on the Jihad truth, nor do we have the resources and determination of fanatic/radical Muslims whose terrorist actions provide justification for CNN/BBC and the like in spreading and cementing the narrative that all Muslims are either already terrorists or terrorists in the making. Of course, you will vehemently disagree with this and paint all Muslims as being alike. I am terrified because on side I am attacked by radical Muslims and on the side I am attacked by non-Muslim community, And I am easy target because I am not a radical Muslim.

It is a big mistake to think that only the lives of Christians in the world are at stake. The likes of Al Shabaab kill more Muslims that Christians.The reason they singled out Christians in the Garissa attack is that they want to divide Kenyans. That way, the aim is to make Christians look at Muslims and Somalis as their enemy and once that is done, the terrorists’ mission will have come to fruition.

Often forgotten is that terrorist groups like Al Shabab are looking out for mainstream Muslim support (needless to say they do not have any). By creating animosity between Muslims and non-Muslims, they aim to attract those Muslims who, out of this animosity, will look at Christians as enemies. They want fellow Muslims to take them for custodians of their religion, that they are fighting for them, and that they want to protect them from resulting attacks by Christians, if at all they come through.

You can bet your life that the masterminds of the Garissa attack will be praying that the Christian community avenges by attacking Muslims in any form or shape, be it Xenophobic attitudes against Muslims and Somalis in Kenya, internet bullying by our keyboard warriors, or the knee-jerk military reaction against Somalis in Somalia as it is already happening. These moves will make mainstream Muslims rethink their perceptions of non-Muslisms (Christians in this case), at least so the terrorists wish.

It is a lame and foolish logic but so is terror.


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