Fellow Citizens, My People:I am addicted to reading all the posts, comments, arguments and counter-arguments. As they are archived, they represent the intellectual voices of this generation. UAH is the best forum online for Ugandans and im addicted to it—even in cinema, restaurants, office, class, church, plane, car, etc. I check and post. I even check and post when my car stops at the red light!

Arguments matter. Style and substance matter.What we need to eliminate is not passion, not emotions, not even the intensity of passion.

What we need to eliminate is rude language, insults, and personal attacks.To abuse someone does not elevate an argument.I plead that great arguments should not be compromised by the silliness of personal insults.

I plead that we remain sensitive to a site that has become the intellectual resources for scholars, students and others.I plead that we remain committed to our arguments but do not behave as if the purpose of an argument is to win, but to expand spaces of conversations.


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  1. Yahoo! Merber Service.,

    Thank you, Mayimuna Nabagereka for the sound advice! And, it’s true UAH is just simply the best forum ever for Ugandans! No other forum can surpass it in originality, intelligence, and heroism!


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