Cancer:A Very touching Story from Engineer David Basobokwe on UAH Facebook group!

Atom with her mother in the UK

Atom with her mother in the UK

I’m disappointed that Ugandans do not see doctors frequently for checkups. Some of these cancers are containable when discovered in time.My daughter Atom had unknown illness in 1987, we lived in Mulago for two years until doctors told us, that there was nothing they could do for her but to let her rest in peace. I wrapped her properly, put her on an aircraft to UK.

On reaching Gatwick airport, I requested for an ambulance, which took her straight to Crawley hospital. All tests were repeated and within three days, all results came back showing Leukaemia – cancer of the blood. I spent one year in St George’s Hospital in tooting and another three years as an out patient. I lost everything I had in Kampala, but I saved her. She is now 27 years and in remission for 24 years. You friends, please be vigilant. Never rely on Uganda Govt. They never care. You must fight and alone. You don’t need a visa to get a patient to the UK. All you need is to board an aircraft at Entebbe. Half way the journey, tell the crew, that you have a patient. Ambulances do not go through Immigration.

Hospitals here have apartments attached for careers accommodation and free food. On discharge, one is handed over to Social Services which arranges long term accommodation including hotel by the way. Charities here crisscross each other with help.My daughter got a plane without a ticket or passport. No one asked me for those things at EBB. By the way, three years ago, my auntie came here ill. She was officially admitted, her hospital bill was over 1000.00 for three days. The social worker for my dota applied to a charity on my dota behalf. The charity cleared the bill with the hospital.

I did not have money but having worked in aviation, I knew the loopholes. Reason I gave them to you. I did not stop there. In 2000 we were given 24 hours to leave UK. We went to Court with Immigration claiming we had entered illegally . The judge dismissed the case that until Immigration satisfied the Court that Uganda had capacity to treat Atom in case of the disease re-occurs,Since, I have never met Immigration again.”

Engineer David Basobokwe
United Kingdom



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  1. teasma,

    You surelu need a visa to the UK sick or not sick, u cant just pass thru immigration like that, may be back then not sure if its possible these days

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