The tragedy of the xenophobia in South Africa is saddening. The ANC must take most if not all the blame for it for reasons that include:

i) It has abysmally failed to tell and retell black South Africans the true story of South Africa’s liberation and the role and sacrifices played and made respectively, by good people everywhere and especially Africans and their countries’ governments, to ensure the successful conclusion what was without question the last epic struggle against colonialism in Africa in the 20th century.

ii) It over-promised on the dividends of liberation and has made insufficient in adequate honest effort to deliver even on deliverables

iii) It has grossly mismanaged the economy of a richly endowed country such that a majority of her long suffering citizens are in many cases poorer that they were under apartheid, and still or need to be.

iv) It encourages xenophobia in words and action including laws and policy implementation.

v) It has not acted sincerely and responsibly in holding accountable, perpetrators of South African crimes against both legal and illegally immigrants.

It is an appalling travesty of reason and good sense that a people who suffered unfathomable discrimination and other injustices for decades because of who they are, have apparently little hesitation in visiting equivalent and in some cases worse injustice on others because of who these others are, so soon after their emancipation.

The Zulu king has been reported to fan the embers of hatred of foreigners. Do black South Africans not remember that Mangosuthu Buthelezi- a Zulu Chief and a close confidant of the Zulu King Godwin, perhaps more than other high profile black South Africans, worked the hardest to delay the liberation of black South Africans? This man as founder and leader of the Inkatha Freedom Party was a happy Chief Minister of Kwazulu Bantustan, and in the opinion of many, a trophy collaborator of the Apartheid regime. He was a determined critic and opponent of The ANC. He travelled the world on the Apartheid regime’s budget denouncing Nelson Mandela and the ANC. As a Cabinet Minister, he took his Prime Minister Thabo Mbeki to court and prayed the court to force stricter immigration rules than the Mbeki government proposed. Is this Chief still at work?



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  1. Edmund Lubega,

    I think the behavior of our SA brothers is inexcusable but I do not believe that just because Africa helped in the liberation struggle SA should be deprived of the right to control immigration-even from other African countries.Even before 1994 they felt threatened, something should have been done then to re-assure them. Just because you sponsored the education of an orphaned child does not me you should be a burden on here

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