The tragedy unfolding in Libya has consequences beyond Libya and Africa


The tragedy unfolding in Libya has consequences beyond Libya and Africa for that matter. I hope the Italian security services are screening those boat migrants because word out is that the ISIS monsters have released criminals and mixed them with their sympathisers and given them access to Europe. Yes for every ten people one could be an ISIL mole planted to go to Europe and cause damage. So if Italian and European security agents fail to do a thorough interrogation things could soon very bad in Europe. In plain English, ISIS is using boat migrants to transport its members to European capitals to cause havoc.

What ISIS is doing is similar to what Fidel Castro did during the Mariel boat ride. He emptied Cuban jails and gave safe passage to criminals to Miami. Find out what happened in Miami after. Crime skyrocketed as rape and murder hit the roof.

On as serious note it is time for African countries to put together strong military force to go and stabilize Libya. The rebels could only win with NATO bombing. Talk about a solution to problem gone terribly wrong. Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia and some Sub Saharan African countries need to come up with a 20, 000 strong force to go and liberate Libya before it goes the Iraq way. If Liyba became another Somali, things could very bad in the region so time to act.

Italy in particular and Europe in general may very son rue their actions in Libya. The genie is out and the monsters have their sights on Italy on the water. ironically, it is mostly Italy rescuing them and taking them to Europe. Notice how they operate mingle with genuine refugees. Well Italians will very soon find out the fruits of their scheme to bring democracy to Libya.
Please do not answer but think about how many sleeper monsters have made their way to Italy as refugees to be activated at a later date.

Talk of a moral dilemma facing Italy.

WBK via the UAH forum

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