Moses Nekyon shares his run-in with Abu Mayanja during his S.4 Vacation!

Some of Abu Mayanja's children. His successor is a lawyer called Hatimi Nasser Lumweno

Some of Abu Mayanja’s children. His successor is a lawyer called Hatimi Nasser Lumweno

Abu Mayanja was a Very interesting character to say the least. During my S4 vacation, I worked in Radio Uganda as a presenter for one of the Saturday night shows. At that time, one Abubaker Kakyama Mayanja, was the Minister of Information‎.

The Ministry got a donation‎ from the government of Japan of transistor radios, which were to be distributed to all the staff of Radio Uganda and Tv.

How those radio’s ended up on William and Luwum streets on sale, is yet unexplained to me to date, but the staff at Radio Uganda and Tv went postal and threatened to go on strike.

To make a long story short, a meeting was called which was to be addressed by Abubaker Mayanja. After hearing the staff’s gripes, the fellow stood up and told us that “we make up a very small percentage of Uganda and so we should return to our jobs or get fired.”

The staff‎ went nuclear and charged the main stage. All I heard was the ministers bodyguards cocking their guns and I was out of there.

The next day Abu Mayanja apologized but never explained how the radio sets got onto William and Luwum streets.

Moses Ocen Nekyon Via the Ugandans at heart forum

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