A kid I knew out of Yugoslavia went to Uganda for a holiday, and he had a problem with power rationing, as you know much of Uganda power systems was built by Yugoslavs and when he immigrated to Yugoslavia he trained in power systems and supply and became fully employed by them. On failing to get power consistently he walked to the then UEB and asked them why they had a problem supplying power to his village. They told him that they do not have good transformers, he left the country and collected two 40ft containers of transformers, shipped them at his company cost to Uganda. Put them on the system for people to have light for free so he claimed.

As he was doing all this we remained in permanent contact and I specifically told him that Uganda power problem is not transformers but the entire system is dead, it needs to be redone, so you have a generation problem and a conductance problem. Why do transformers blow up? Because the lines are not earthed. He refused to listen to my very little voice for he was told by a big man in UEB, that if we get transformers we will end the power rationing problem. Two containers went in and he promised to send another two containers. They were cleared in Mombasa and driven through Uganda to Rwanda. This kid’s efforts are the many transformers that were installed in Rwanda to upgrade many villages power supply. Even today his village has no power. You do not know just how many people have become fools and sent useful things to Uganda in good spirits but they each become victims individually and the machine of self-destruct in Uganda continues. Just last year this kid went to Uganda and packed every one close to him and they left the country.

Why has our hospitals reached this point of needing dialysis machines? You think really Uganda government does not allocate money for these services? Then explain to me {a} How Ugandans finance the big houses they have built, that are more expensive than the houses in this city, Kampala houses are actually more expensive than Toronto houses, and {b} explain to me how Ugandans finance the luxury cars they drive that many of us in these countries simply cannot.


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