Ugandans are suffering from kidneys and yes we need to treat them, but we need to question ourselves why they suffer from kidneys that highly. It is the food we have been brought up eating, we need to change our diet or we will continue to poison ourselves. I have gone after The Matooke diet for it is mainly water, but Matooke is so high on potassium which goes after kidneys. Now look carefully at what has so much potassium, Matooke, Gonja {or plantain} Amenvu, so all those classes of bananas. All yams including Amayuuni, kyetumula Lumonde Irish potatoes, all that you are sucking into your body is massive potassium, and these are the foods we eat day in and day out. To eat health food you need not more than a single banana a day, but my God a Ugandan to eat a meal he eats 5tons of Matooke in a single sitting, just how much do you poison your kidneys? So all the foods I have listed have to be taken with very small amounts when we in Uganda use them as daily main course, you must end up with high numbers of kidney problems.

Another thing we need to cut very low is beans, they have just too much iron that no intelligent person can eat them that much yet we also eat them.

Lastly let me go on medication, many Ugandans especially women use Advil for pain relief, and to tell you the truth Advil works miracles, women that get cramps with period use Advil, and in every house drawer there is a bottle of Advil. You need to realize that it is a bad medication for it must be processed by your kidney to go into your body, stop to use Advil if you need to put a break on your kidneys. What you can use that is safer to your kidneys is Tylenol for it is not processed through your kidney.

There are many steps we can chose to follow that are accessible in our means to cut down the numbers of kidney problem, but changing a Uganda diet must be a priority out there, for our combination of foods we eat is a cocktail of poison.


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