1.Democratic government, of which I am unashamedly a supporter, cannot not be created by writing a Constitution. Ultimately, democracy does not reside in the Constitution, but in the hearts and minds of the people – Abu Mayanja, 1967.

2.In my opinion there is no justification for detention without trial. I repeat so that there is no shadow of doubt of where I stand on this. There is no justification for detention without trial – Abu Mayanja on the Emergency Powers Act, 1967

3.I consider myself to have no mandate to vote on this proposal to abolish the Kabaka in Buganda. I have no mandate to do that and I hope I shall be granted the indulgence. This is not a question of refusing loyalty or bad loyalty or anything of that kind. On conscientious grounds, I conscientiously object; it is contrary to my understanding of sense of duty and honor; my honor as a self-respecting man, having pledged myself to preserve and uphold an institution and then to come here and vote it out of existence – Abu Mayanja; on the abolition of kings.

4.I am saying that these powers used even by an angel are dangerous. Mr. speaker even God himself has not allowed himself these powers! We Muslims believe that on the day of judgment we shall be called and the angels will read out a record which will be an indictment before God, who will know – because God is Omniscient, He knows everything – He will know beforehand that Mayanja is guilty or not guilty, but God who is Omniscient on the day of judgment will get the indictment read out by an accusing angel and man will be given an opportunity to defend himself.

5.It is a habit of mind…a question of temperament of our people, the spirit of tolerance, of sharing basic beliefs and value so that there is a substantial majority of people in the country who say that “far and no further” and this can be respected. – Abu Mayanja on Democracy.

6.The key-note of the Government proposals is the concentration of all powers of government – legislative, executive, administrative and judiciary – into the central Government institutions and the subjection of those institutions to the control of one man – the President. The result is the creation – not of a republic, but of a one- man dictatorship – Abu Mayanja on the 1967 Constitution.

7.Only a law that goes against the concepts of common morality could send the editor to jail and suspend the newspapers while leaving the author of the offending article at large.” – Abu Mayanja on the imprisonment of J.W.Kiwanuka in 1956 and the subsequent ban of the Uganda Express and Uganda Post.

8.In 1986, the Minister of Information and Broadcasting banned WEEKEND DIGEST. Its editors, the late Wilson Wandera Lwande and Ndugu Dr. Jesse Mashatte were detained before being charged with sedition.

Hon Mayanja (RIP) said the paper was trying to tear the NRM broad-based government apart,. This followed a Digest story ‘COUP PLOT AGAINST NRM GOV’T FOILED’, which Hon Mayanja said was fake. 4 months later, the suspects in the story were rounded up and charged with treason but DIGEST remained banned and is the only newspaper ever to be banned by the NRM government.Subsequently, Mashatte started THE TABLET but soon after left for Britain where he is now.

9.He had another favourite Luganda one at his old age which earned him a nickname ” Nthambi” from “thighs” :”Omukasi alina bithambi nunchi nnyo!” -1991



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