The tragedy of my own sister made me hate NRA/M Forever!

By George O.Pacu-Otto via the UAH forum

My friends,

On changing or reforming the healthcare system in Uganda, I have total loss of confidence in the NRA doing it. I am not going to talk about the corruption and shenanigans that go on everyday that say they can change, or even those who are supporters of the NRA.What I will do is to repeat the tragedy of my own sister, who died of AIDS in 1986. It was her fault that she got HIV, she was only 19 years old. But throughout the time she battled with the disease, the healthcare system was not there to support her. The family quite often had to buy drugs, some totally useless. Towards the end of her life, she was not even admitted to Mulago Hospital because they wrote her
off, so she spent the last weeks of her life in my brothers home in Nakulabye, being fed on a drip by a sister in law who is a nurse. Eventually it was my brother who pulled the drip off and said let her go, she has suffered enough.

I had lost another sister before who was murdered by NRA soldiers in Dokolo, but she is not the one I focus on.

My burning and continuing anger against the NRA regime is why my young sister, who I loved, would be turned away from Mulago hospital, denied medical help and die at home, with just a nurse caring for her, without any medication of any kind.

So I look at these issues politically:

What was the purpose of NRA coming into power if they can not provide even the very basic care for a young girl who was dying? Why would a national referral hospital turn away a critically ill patient? Why should my sister have died at home rather than in the care of the medical services?

Thats why I have so much contempt and indeed hatred for this NRA regime. May be other people have better examples , but permanently my hatred of the NRA became cemented that day when I rushed from London and saw her in her coffin, serene and beautiful and as lovely as we used to play around together as children , but she was dead.

We need to have a national democratic revolution in Uganda. We should never again have millions of people going through the trauma that I have gone through.

George O.Pacu-Otto


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  1. Afande Tear Gas,

    Your brother who pulled the drip off committed a criminal offence. And for you who has knowledge of such an offence and failed or refused to report the offender to police became a party to the crime.
    We shall keep this record for future use. Cheers

  2. Peter Okello Maber,

    Pacu, Commiserations for the death of your sister. I share your pain. But may be you are being to too hard on what you call NRA rather than NRM. By 1986, NRM/NRA had just got power from the Tito Okello’s and everything in Uganda had broken down including the health care system. It has taken time to restore the services to the basic needed level. Although this is no excuse, by the time your sister was sick, things were bad for all Ugandans.

    Besides the death of your sister which you blame solely on NRM/NRA, I think there are other fundamental reasons why you hate NRA/NRA. I think I know those reasons, but I will let you to state them yourself if it is okay with you.

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