The answer to `why Africans are leaving their countries` is not supposed to be general in terms of outlining benefits of migration. I look at it differently. I think the focus should not be on seeking opportunities to export our people to countries where they suffer racist humiliation and all forms of discrimination. The debate is supposed to be about how we fix our countries especially those trends that compel our people (brothers and sisters) to leave. While those with sought after skills may be leaving happily, other Africans (the so called ordinary) aren`t that happy to leave their countries.

So, while i understand the argument behind the right of migrants to seek better opportunities abroad, dedicating so much energy on `creating and securing migrant corridors` to Europe and USA as some of you are suggesting our leaders do is misusing an opportunity to critically reflect on the implications of the current wave of migration and roles of various actors behind it and in fixing it. Such reflections are supposed to be at the center of the current migration debate.There are so many intelligent Ugandans being wasted abroad yet this shouldn’t be the case. For example, Why do we have a man such as the founder of UAH, Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba, in the UK doing byeyo instead of being a Member of Parliament here.

It is even worse when it comes to xenophobia which essentially represents a regression as far as African identity and the larger Pan-African dream is concerned. In 1970s, such dedicated Africans as the late Idi Amin were committed to liberating other African countries at a time when Africa was so `poor` than it is today. So, why are Africans expelling and killing each other today, decades after adopting neo-liberal policies and recording improvements in GDP etc? Isn`t Africa better today than it was then? In less than a decade, we have gone from having Thabo Mbeki (with his African Renaissance dream) to Jacob Zuma (who believes that Africans should stay in their countries). Another typical example of regression.

I think i am angry. Very angry.



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  1. L.Sempagala,

    Africans who risk every thing to migrate do so mainly to escape brutal poverty brought on by decades of bad governance throughout Africa since independence. Few people know that Ghana had a better economy than South Korea at its independence. Until politics and impunity is sorted out, a many of our people will continue to die in an attempt to escape worsening economic hardship.
    Xenophobia in South Africa can be seen as the out crop of Africans there failing to establish good governance and corruption free society. The leaders there would secretly support xenophobia as it gives them a way out of their lamentable failure to govern in the interest of every body.

    Id Amin was never a dedicated African apart from being a dictator and an opportunist who took advantage of a situation where Ben Kiwanuka would have been our independence primeminister had it not been for the great protestant/catholic divide. Catholics in Uganda have been discriminated since Lugard supported the protestant party led by Kagwa in 1892. At independence Obote was encouraged to appoint a sand Hurst military graduate as chief of staff by both British military and UPC Secretary general but he refused because he was a catholic. Mengo denied Matayo Mugwanya-son of Stanslas Mugwanya the Katikiroship even though he won because he was a catholic and the colonial government let it pass.
    Even the weakened Binaisa refused to appoint a Mucholi as chief of staff after attempting to remove Oyite Ojok. The mucholi Catholic Officer would have given the Obotes hard time to remove than a Musoga protestant he appointed who went into hiding to save his life. Catholics are still receiving a raw deal to the present day unless they are used as figureheads.
    It is important to note that the writer is not a catholic but a protestant.

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