gulu marketThere is such a market in Lira as well. They started allocating the shops, but the exercise was halted last week by court action because of allegations of corruption and as well as the allocation methodology. The ruling NRA is in charge and is using it as a bait to win support.

But these markets are white elephants. A town like Lira has very limited commercial base, the market will sell mainly fruits and vegetables and the shops trade the ware they have traded for centuries. And with 80% unemployment, I do not see where the spending power will come from to make the market viable as a job and opportunity creator.

Tesco in the UK is now closing down many beautiful stores it built allover the country because many small towns have massive problems of unemployment as 5 years of austerity bite and the citizens in these towns have no spending power.

I have been having a chat with Nina Mbabazi on the going-ons there. The
musical chairs in the NRA are quite amusing. Mababazi is probably still trying to mobilise his reserve forces, but how far he can go is difficult to tell. Nina told me Museveni is giving shs.800 million to every election candidate, in some constituencies he gives money to all the rival candidates so that whoever wins, he is still the overall winner. I dont think Mababzi has such a limitless pool. Museveni is prepared to spend the equivalent of 2years GDP on these bogus elections.

To put it to you simply, Museveni is using money from the Treasury to buy the elections. The NRA as a party does not have any money. In September
2014, it faced eviction action in High Court for failing to pay the rent for its rented accomodation where it houses its headquarters. Yet, a few weeks later, it managed to organise its AGM at a cost of $4.5 million, all charged to the Treasury. In 2007, Tumusimme Mutebile gave $650 million in cash to Museveni for the bogus elections held that year. Mutebile made a public confession about this and made a concommittant public apology. This criminal action by Mutebile has been recorded in my Human Rights Index, awaiting prosecution for high treason at an appropriate time in the future.

George Okello Via the UAH forum



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