Mayiiga will be remembered as “the Katikiro who rolled over” and also “the Etofaali Katikiro”!

Buganda Kingdom premier Charles Peter Mayiga

Buganda Kingdom premier Charles Peter Mayiga


Depending on the lenses, each of us employs, to critically look at Mayiiga the Katikiro of Buganda, and his two years tenure, most of us will come up with either, good, bad, and all the in between.The only important and most indisputable fact of Msyiga’s tenure will be his capitulation to the bullying tactics of the dictatorship, leaving the people of Buganda and all Ugandans at the mercy of Museveni. He will be remember as “the Katikiro who rolled over” and also “the Etofaali Katikiro”.

The interest of Baganda, and Ugandans, TODAY, is not the restoring the Kasubi Tombs, or the finishing of Masengere, but establishing viable political conditions, that will endure and move the country forward, away from bad and corrupt leaders.

It would not be unfair to suggest Katikiro Mayiga, too, has fallen foul of the anti-bad government challenging stance, the line he towed before becoming Katikiro. He is benefiting himself personally, by softening his hard-line approach against a regime that has been in power for 30 years. He seems to have welcomed a life of luxury, military escorts, and give-way front running light flashing, noise making, police filled vehicles.

The guy who “crossed Lwera”, is laying in a Museveni handmade hammock, snoozing and being sung lullabies. He is now sitting pretty, running and enlarging his business interests. He is not bothered anymore by the decadence caused by the central government, as long as all is well around him.

The “Ensonga Ssemasonga” (the most important issue of all issues) is the return of federal sovereignty to Buganda, and extending it that to all regions of the country. The language should therefore be “return power to the regions as enshrined in the 1962 constitution”.

The only great Katikiro of Buganda will be one who forces the hand of the dictator into a twist, not one who creates buildings. Buildings can be destroyed, good governance will endure for ever!!!

Some of you are seriously underestimating the ‘influencing power’ that Mengo wields over the Baganda political class, and how the decision made in Mengo can direct the course of politics in Uganda.

When the Kstikiro uses statements to the effect of – ‘politics should end at gates of Mengo’, one can only draw one conclusion, – he has buckled under the influence of Museveni. What happened to that staunch monarchist who always accused the central government of stabbing Buganda in the back.

Well, If we are to redeem Buganda, and Uganda at large, from the clutches of tyranny, politics should be a daily diet of Mengo’s menu.

Should MPs of a party hindering progress on federalism, be allowed at Mengo? The answer is a ‘NO’!!! The logic here is support for Museveni / NRM, is support against the interest of Buganda.Mayiga can influence how the Baganda MPs behave in relation to issues that affect Buganda.

We from Buganda will have to be steady fast, willing to speak firmly, and need be confrontational, if we are to redeem our natural birth right – freedom.I thought this will placate my critics who are daring to refer to me a do-nothing neo-conservative, federalist.

“However, some critics tagged him too soft to negotiate for Mengo’s demands with the Central Government. He was on Buganda’s delegation which was spearheading the promotion of the stalled regional tier, a move which many resolute Baganda thought would radically compromise the kingdom’s status. Moreover, his modest approach was increasingly making him a darling of the NRM. In fact, he had earlier been tipped that he would contest against Edward Sekandi on the Constituent Assembly, but his sense of pride let him down: How would they front a candidate allegedly too proud to shake hands with the electorate?”(Carol Natukunda, New Vision, July 25, 2008)

Now that really sums up what the true Baganda, who want to see the return of “common-sense politics in Uganda”, are faced with in the person of Katikiro Mayiga. At the centre of Mengo, we have a businessman, with NRM shades of yellow, directing the kingdom business.

What are the concrete demands for Buganda? And where does the building of Masegere fall in these demands? In the 2 years Mayiga has been Katikiro, he has not delivered an iota on the important demands of Buganda.

We wondered why an educated fellow signed the Memorandum of mis-Understanding under secrecy with the dictator, now we know! Apparently, years before the signing of that ridiculous agreement, Mayiga had been highlighted as far too modest to negotiate on the interests of Buganda. So immodestly modest is his ability to negotiate on behalf of Buganda, that he was willing to buy-in the two-tier arrangement. We really expected far too much from the “darling of NRM’.

The doing of little next to nothing is a ‘diversionary process’ perfected in Entebbe, under the direct tutelage of Museveni, to draw the average Muganda’s attention from that which matters to the minor and insignificant issues. In the scheme of Buganda demands, Masegere is a non issue.

Ssekajja via the UAH forum



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  1. Mr. Ssekajja, You may be expecting too much from the Katikiro, too soon. He and the Kabaka of Buganda might still be studying the situation and planning how to approach the central government of Uganda about the concerns and needs of the Kingdom of Buganda.
    Remember that the man you refer to as “dictator” is the one who knelt down before the NRM begging to restore the Kingdoms, but more specifically, that of Buganda. I hope you realize also that the same man can decide to move a motion to the NRM to abolish the Kingdoms.
    As opposed to the former status, ‘citizen of Uganda, or a common citizen’ of Katikiro Mayiga who spoke against what he thought done wrong by the NRM government, today, he can only speak on behalf of the Kingdom of Buganda. This, he cannot do without the authority of the Kabaka of Buganda.
    Your expectations may seem to be an easy task to the on lookers, but surely that is not the case.

    BJ. Rubin.

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