Remembering the Bunyoro Hero:Joseph Mujoobe Kazairwe

kazeirwe1When Joseph Mujoobe Kazairwe, almost single-handedly fought pitched military battles where he was jailed for five years, and was forced to live in forests in fear of Baganda killing him, when he rreturned two of the seven Lost counties, the Banyoro of Hoima and Masindi have never named a street in Hoima or Masindi by his name.

Indeed, Banyoro of Hoima and Masndi have written several books narrating the history of Bunyoro-Kitara where they do not even mention the name Joseph Kazairwe.

Also, I have written a book, OIL DISCOVERY THE ROLE UGANDANS PLAYED. the book higlights the role Banyoro have played in the discovery of oil in Bunyoro-Kitara. But you will be surprised a few Banyoro refused to buy this book saying I was imposing it on them.

This is the book which makes Banyoro the proud owner of the most valuable, most sought after product internationally, but nobody has offered to avvil it to schools so that our children grow knowing that Bunyoro-Kitara is the cradle of a very precious human want.kezeirwe2

The late king, Sir Tito Gafabusa bestowed the highest Bunyoro-Kitara knighthood of OMUJWARAKONDO. to Joseph Mujoobe Kazairwe in1965. He also appointed him county chief of Bugangaizi. In 1977 Idi Amin, in recognition of Kazairwe’s World War Two achievements elevated him to the rank of ADC

But the district councils of Hoima and Masindi did not name a street in Hoima or Masindi, Joseph Mujoobe Kazairwe.

However, Kibaale District Council, Kazairwe’s home district, in its sitting in 2002, passed a resolution to name the road from Karuguuza market, via his house at Busaana, up to Kibaale Trading Centre, two miles long, Joseph Mujoobe Kazairwe.

In the same resolution Kibaale District Council resolved to name a secondary school in the county of Buyanja after Joseph Mujoobe Kazairwe.

Kibaale District Council was quick to pass the resolution because Kazairwe is a son of the soil in the district, and most members of the council were veterans of the military struggle to liberate the two lost counties from Buganda colonialism.

While a secondary school, in Nyamaarwa sub county, was named Joseph Mujoobe Kazairwe Secondary School, the street named Joseph Mujoobe Kazairwe has not been implemented to-date more that 10 years after the resolution was passed. I think it is a slip of the mind on the part of the district council.

I blame Kibaale District Council members for not implementing the resolution to name the road after Joseph Mujoobe Kazairwe. I am now going to remind them.

King Iguru remains, up to today, an admirer of the Kazairwe legacy. Similary, he is the only one(apart from Henry Ford Mirima) fighting for a kingdom share of the oil sitting in the kingdom midst.

Henry Ford Mirima

Press Secretary of the Omukama of Bunyoro-Kitara


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