M7 is at it again. By the way what is on the tapes is nasty. But that’s not new. I cannot really call Bahima arrogant, They are just ignorant. But ignorance is everywhere.Bakiga, on the other hand are just arrogant.

I remember way back in 89 or there about, when a anti-sectarian law was passed in the then NRC. Many people did not really know why it was hastily passed with orders from above. In fact when mavi yakuku pulled out a pistol on some muhima lady, that was the perfect time to pass this stupid bill. But the real reason was far different.

You see there had alway been a bad animosity between bahima and Rwandese tutsi. The two were at each others neck so bad that the war of words had almost turned into a real war. That was a bad time because of the acholi rebellion. M7 could not afford a divided band of bandits.

The two ,by the way, are completely different in character. The Rwandese have a very low opinion on these fellows. They consider them as stupidly ignorant and arrogant for nothing.Extremely lazy and non-starters. without going into details, that bill helped cool tempers because bahima had started telling the Rwandese to “go back home”!

Reason being most top and sensitive jobs in the NRA were being helpd by the Rwandese.

Now see who is involved Bakiga and bahima. It’s not rocket science that this may not be anything about Bahima and Bakiga. I really doubt it. M7 is instigating something in which he will come out as the problem solver. A problem he may have created in the first place. While at that trying to figure out the tempo among the bakiga (JPAM) and the many now disgruntled Bahima veterans( Sejusa) or the families of deceased veterans who have been conveniently ignored. I can assure you very many Bahima are unhappy. Quietly and behind doors , you will be amazed at what they say.




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