Only the prostitutes in Uganda who know how to treat their customer with respect!

Ugandan businesses and office bearers generally, view customers as problems. In fact one of my male relative who lives abroad and a regular visitor to the old country once joked, and no “offence intended”, that it’s only the prostitutes in Uganda who know how to treat their customer with respect and about time business people and office bearers go and learn from them, customer service.

Ugandans unfortunately, imbibe fear of authority from day zero and from day one, it’s inculcated in them not to question authority and asking for help in any form, paid or unpaid, it must be done with maximum respect because to ask is being burdensome. Then, Money and customer had nothing to do with it. Presently, Ugandans have began to realise the value of money and they will do anything for it. It’s the next stage that, they’re yet to reach. The value of customer service. It’s not for nothing that my caption below says that civilisation is a stage by stage approach. Until Ugandans reach that stage, they will not treat customers with any respect.

This also goes to those with money. When you see the way those returnee Ugandans from abroad (kyeyo) throw tantrums when seeking attention, you get sickened. They demand too much and behave like they are from mars, particularly, the women with their big wig and the fake hair being swept side to like lajanawara (long grass, in Acholi plains) and holding to litters of Muzungu children in their hands, and flaunting foreign accent. Goodness me! They seem more of a pain than our shop keepers, office bearers and bankers who treat Ugandans like vermin. Ofcourse, they are right to demand better service but the way they do it, is just as bad.

I don’t want to go into hospital where falling sick and seeking medical help is a crime. The nurses that once treated people like humans are now worse than prison warders. A patient effectively becomes their prisoner and who they can easily condemn to death. But i leave that for another time.


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