Why it is that Uganda and Burundi that like Kenyan have soldiers in Somalia are not prone to terrorism”?

Many journalist compare Uganda, Burundi and Kenyan without taking into consideration the geography. On many times the nation has asked the question: why it is that Uganda and Burundi that like Kenyan have soldiers in Somalia are not prone to terrorism”? think about that/ A serious editorial board of one of the best newspapers in Africa or aspires to be asking such a dumb question. Of course, a) Ugandan and Burundi do not border Somalia, and b) Uganda and Burundi do not have an ethnic Somali population.

sometimes you read stuff in Africa’s papers and you simply shake your head. Most times they write forgive me for being rude, rubbish.

When was the last time you read a thoughtful editorial in an African paper/ Which paper was it? Most times the editorials are driven by raw emotion and have nothing thoughtful in them.

That the papers mint a lot of money despite such very low standards is an indictment of our people for indulging in mediocre reporting. Just think about it, if the Daily Nation can go that way what about the rest?.

Have you ever wondered why the most narcissistic professionals hide behind the caption ” team”?. Why not take the credit directly? Because they are in most cases peddling lies and rumours.

Just yesterday even the Nation was caught up in the rumour that Mzee Moody Awori had passed away. They then turned around and blamed twitter. The other day they reported that so many police men had been killed in an ambush in Garissa which was not true.

What happened to the time proven virtue of verify? I suspect journalist may claim that they do not trust politicians. But what about journalists? How trusted are they? No better than used car salesmen who sale to you a lemon without blinking. That is not good for the fourth estate.

QN: why do African editorial boards never ask to meet with influential opinion leaders including politicians? Put differently, why do not we see president or presidential candidates and other politicians having editorial meetings with leading African papers? Yes I know many politicians hate the press, but not all so why not try?

WBK via the UAH forum


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