By Abbey Semuwemba

The concept of voter fraud is fascinating to me and I suspect that Gen.Sejusa and Mr.Amama Mbabazi will have the final word on this before and during the 2016 elections. I also suspect that in order to do it, you’d have to know who you were posing as, their exact address, where to go to vote, and you’d have to know that the person you’re posing as isn’t going to show up sometime that day. And in most precincts you’d have to wait in line to do so. If you could manage to do one an hour, you’d affect a dozen votes.

This means nobody in Uganda could vote as Museveni, Besigye, or any of the famous people in the country, but it means anybody could vote as any of the Ugandans in diaspora(who are denied the chance to vote or register for ID), and most probably get away with it. Anybody could forge an ID under my names and vote, and I don’t think it will be detected.Please don’t vote in my names for you know who!

It would actually be easier to make a dozen fake IDs, if you think about it under the following categories of people:1- those living abroad; the dead; ghost soldiers;disabled; mentally-ill in Butabika, e.t.c and drop all the pre-ticked boxes in the box of the candidate of your choice.

Voter fraud is a very bad crime,because it pretty much portrays the loser as the winner, and the winner as the loser, as was allegedly the case after the 2006 elections.

Another way to rig is to consistently causing voter suppression by enacting laws that make getting ID’s hard to get, throwing out previous ID’s, legislating obstacles to voting, intimidation,….all PROVEN to be against those most likely to vote against Museveni and his NRM. That’s why I think Gen.Sejusa’s message in the Saturday Monitor makes more sense than that of the DEMOCRATIC ALLIANCE– Alliance or not, somebody else will be controlling the 2016 elections, and that somebody will make the opposition look like losers again!


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