John Nsubuga: Abbey, since it seems that a batch of thorns is being thrown into KB’s path to stand for the last time, should we consider eloping and discover new love in team JPAM.? You’ve seen the life our fellow MP Adam Luzindana lives.

Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba
:There is something about Mbabazi as a person in his face and presentation that makes me a bit uncomfortable. He doesn’t smile a lot, does he? But then again, he has got a very adorable wife and beautiful daughters. His Rachel is so beautiful. And with this, I’m sure we can come to some sort of an arrangement if he wants our support but Rachael but must make sure our Ramandhan remains intact!

But seriously, Col. Dr. Kizza Besigye is still the man……even Museveni knows this. Mbabazi is just a distraction that hopefully will go away with time.



ALLAN BARIGYE:Me thinks even those funny wattsup msgs pitting bahima against bakiga were doctored by team M7 to be used at a later date.
Thats how M7 operates .

Gook Akanga:I wouldn’t put that past him! Remember the putting on of UPC Tshirts in Luwero to commit atrocities?

Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba:One thing for sure is that there’s an irrefutable network on the ground everywhere in Uganda ready to carry Mbabazi’s message. How he has kept it together and away from the eyes of the security circles, it’s a million dollar answer.But the NRMS are intentionally trying to make someone who was unpopular to become popular suddenly. They all seem to be working for him knowingly or unknowingly!

Gook Akanga:When the time has come everything u do seems to work against u!And JPAM works well underground!He is a night dancer!

Abbey Semuwemba:Gook,Well, we have got to give it to Mbabazi. …….He has also played the game of being a liar to the last dot , and ,in a way, I’m happy that he was only lying to the super liar! He promised to support the best leader of the NRM revolution at Kyankwanzi if he was to offer himself for presidency as many times as he wanted, only for him to turn around and declare his candidature too.

It just goes on to show that nobody can detect a liar facially because there’s no mirror for it. Museveni has been telling lies to us for ages, but now he has met his match!

John Nsubuga: Museveni is no match to JPAM when it comes to political deception, he beats his mentor hands down. Mbabazi is never in a hurry, he takes his time to study the situation and the outcome, but when he launches, he lives a mark. We’re so used to president Museveni’s lies because he is repetitive, the saaaaaaame lies, industrialisation this and that but nothing happens on the ground. Musajawo nga yayimba AGOA, ne value addition?

I’m going to conduct a one day course in reading letters without opening the envelop that conceals them for all UAH members. Didn’t I tell you that president Museveni was hoodwinked to hunt for small time supporters of Mbabazi upcountry when the actual promoters at work are part of his government? They are sited besides him and yet he can’t see them. Why can’t these people consult me for advise?

The been weevil is at work from inside – out.



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  1. Peter,

    You fellows,

    You never stop to amaze me; now you are talking about sex for votes? We shall not allow this kind of corruption, we reject it Kabisa!! What parent can sell his daughter for votes, not JPAM, never. I will report you guys to Nina when she comes back, and she will thrash you guys.

    If you continue with that public admiration, I can easily volunteer to protect the girls as their Uncle from the Far East.

    Peter Simon

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