To most, Mbabazi is a tear away from the old “gang” who have failed to deliver promises and instead exploited Ugandans for their own gains. His recent declaration is but a gimmick, which should be ignored. In his declaration he talked of a change in “system of government” without elucidating as to what that system would be. It is clear he has no idea what he is talking about and how it would be delivered. Like his rival, they have no clue as to what is good for Ugandans and simply carried on from their predecessors, with the same results.

Mbabazi would never be a first choice for Ugandans but in the current state anything but Museveni would do! Mbabazi needs to re invent himself by apologising for the exploitation of Ugandans for the last thirty years and counting and then embrace federalism by acknowledging that the system is broken and must be damped. This will provide Ugandans with a viable alternative. Other than, he and his nemesis are birds of the same feather albeit the sound of Mbabazi’s drivel, disregard the substance; is more easy to the ear than the alternative. Mbabazi has also got to drop his arrogance. With the assertion that “Ugandans do not know what they” one is reminded of the arrogance with which they managed to divide people and how the gullible swallowed it “hook, line and sinker” while singing praises way after the drummer had stopped.

For his sin, Mbabazi, with a working microphone in his hands and still alive, must start singing the federal message because it is the message that Ugandans want hear or else, he should follow the rest to the dustbin of history.

Akim Adongo via the UAH Community



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  1. Oska,

    Let me wake up this man called Odongo to the realities in Uganda, anyone who champions federalism( in Ugandans’ minds – federo) will lose out miserably, and you know why, but are here passing time writing tired notes.

    As for Mbabazi, let him have his day out, the electorates will decide, not arm chair analysts like the Odongos of this world.

  2. It always baffles me how advocates for federalism make it out to be some kind of magic pill that will solve all of Uganda’s problems.

    Federalism like any other political system is only as good as the institutions and people that prop it up. Without having those two components in good shape federalism wont change a damn thing-actually it might just make it worse.

    Besides, with very few exceptions, most advocates for federalism only use the term as a trojan horse for federo, which is, in my humble opinion, an iniquitous and inherently undemocratic system, given its history.

    Therein lies the rub. While most people in Uganda would have no objections to a federal system of government (as practiced in India or USA), our history has made many of those same people wary given the connotations that the term has-basically one state operating within a state.

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