Uganda a very tinny country, about a size of The state of Oregon or less than a third of Ontario province has about 385 Members of parliament, and about 80 ministers if you include the deputy ministers. Ontario has 26 ministers or there about. Vast as the government you have today, there has been a thread in this very forum where Ugandans are asking for 50 more MPs to represent Ugandans like me in diaspora, so to Ugandans we need to get the 385 and add on another 50 to get a functioning parliament.

Don Wanyama

Don Wanyama

What you need is to remodel that country to about 25 districts and get about 25 MPs then get about 15 ministers. Many of the so called Uganda ministries can be swallowed up, for example why can’t we put the ministry of information as a parastatal body under president’s office? Do we need a minister of gender? What does that one do? What is the difference between women MP and an MP? And why not a men MP? Fire all women representative MPs, now when you show up in embassies get the embassy of London to take care of all Europe, but maintain the embassy in Paris fire all of the rest. Leave New York and Washington but I would close Ottawa and make it a consular office in Toronto and Vancouver or Winnipeg. An embassy must produce enough money for Uganda to be self-reliant so that Uganda government does not fund them, if you are not raising enough funds for the country shut down. If we have an East African Community why do we have embassies in those countries?

After you have cut down on the forest of politicians, turn around and write a good paper guiding leaders on how to lead. What is our expectations of them and what happens if they fail to deliver. With that you will get a functioning government. The reason Amin had medication in hospitals was very simple, he sent you to buy it and that is what you had to do sir. There was never a failure in serving the country under Iddi Amin. With such a paper, even Museveni can be a very good president.

Don Wanyama has been appointed as Museveni’s special media assitant after being sacked by the Daily Monitor over an opinion poll.He became the shortest serving managing editor after serving for just two years. What more, he was sacked while on leave. The termination of Wanyama’s service follows an early morning crisis meeting over an opinion poll article Monitor published under the headline, ‘Poll puts Museveni ahead of Mbabazi’.




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  1. Oska,

    If you really need such a government in Uganda to take root and work, you will have to first bury 90% of the current politicians. The country is sick because of these politicians, they are corrupt, incompetent, and have no direction at all. Do the Jerry Rawlings on them, make a new constitution that will be hard to change, and make very punitive laws against corruption & abuse of office like the China way. Then you will call Uganda the pearl of Africa again.

  2. Frank,

    Obote government had fewer ministers was it any better?

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