VOA is a tool of US imperialism

By Mayimuna Nabagereka via UAH facebook

VOA is a tool of US imperialism. You won’t find a single instance of VOA taking on the CIA for sponsoring Taylor, facilitating Taylor’s escape from prison and his unencumbered passage back to West Africa. There is nothing credible about VOA.

The VOA is the media arm of American imperialism; that is an institutional matter. If a media house has a weak critique of western imperialism, then I think we have to wonder about its agenda and interests. I can defend a few of individuals who work for VOA and that is a different matter. For example, Shaka Ssali seems to be a fair-minded journalist. But even he was weak on US imperialism, in my view. You wont find Shaka or any VOA journalist addressing that important issue in a serious way.I say, and continue to say, that any American president is worse than 20 Gaddafis. US foreign policy is consistently in violation of international law and, even worse, catastrophic for human progress.

VOA is funded by the CIA, I think we all know how the CIA works–it spend lots of time undermining the sovereignty of other nations. When VOA does an exposé on the relationship between the CIA and Taylor (or general CIA malfeasance) then you could make a case for limited autonomy of individual journalists. But that aint gonna happen. I have a pretty good grasp of what the State Dept and the Pentagon does. They agree on imperialism only the method might differ a bit. “Soft” imperialism is still imperialism. Sometimes we academics “complicate” and “nuance” things that are pretty straightforward. If the VOA can help expose the many injustices done by its boss, the CIA, then the VOA is an enemy of African progress.


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