By Mayimuna Nabagereka

Don Wanyama has been pretending to be a professional journalist for decades. The moment his hands are caught in the jar, Museveni rewards him with a position as the special media Assistant at the NRM secretariat. This is another bill Ugandans have got to pay for, and for what exactly? The man himself looks like a Sudanese than a Ugandan. For all I know, we may be employing a Sudanese to handle our national affairs.

Then there is the office of the minister of presidency now occupied by this noise-making boy, Frank Tumwebaze. Do we really need that?

Why is Uganda being run a personal property of the president? Atleast the dictator in Senegal has started supporting any changes that will save the tax payers money, unlike Museveni. Senegalese lawmakers, who are divided between a 150-seat national assembly and a 100-seat senate, voted to do away with the senate, passing a law which dissolves the institution in order to save an estimated $15 million.

Now, isn’t this a very brave political move? Abolishing the senate and the office of the vice president! Talk about making democracy less expensive and more development-friendly on the continent. Then talk about the political will to move a state forward.

I was thinking exactly about exactly this same solution for Uganda too, in the wake of the obscene amounts regarding the remunerations of our legislators! The imperative of reducing our overbloated public sector and reallocating the savings toward capital projects and social services (such as education and health care) far outweighs any benefits of the legislator and the Don Wanyamas, if there is any to start with.

What we need is the will. Certain entrenched interests will likely oppose any movement in this direction.I am willing to join up with whoever really wants to see change in this direction.


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