CCM picks Magufuli as the party’s Union presidential candidate

CCM has a high affiliation for Phd’s. Ms Mingiro is also a PhD holder.From what I hear picking John Magufuli, is a very good choice.The key word is ‘agreeable’ to all camps in CCM because this choice will not leave the party splintered. This felllow has been the Minister of Roads and Public Works and has delivered big time-consuming. I only really started hearing about him (Magufuli) when he was appointed the Minister of Road Works, where he has made a name for himself. The fellow has a reputation for delivering large projects on time and under budget, which is very un-African.

His running mate is a lady from Zanzibar, Samiya Suluhu.CCM’s system is like the Iowa caucuses where votes are tallied from worst to best. John Maguguli, benefited because he was seen as a compromise candidate agreeable to all.

Bernard Membe and January Makamba were perceived to be Kikwete’s choices and thus the Lowassa camp went after them first.I did not know that the runner up Amina Salum, is the African Unions representative today the UN.

Based on popularity the biggest loser is obviously Edward Lowassa, who based on opinion polls was projected to win the General election.

It took the intervention of ex-presidents Mwinyi, Mkapa, Karume and ex-Pm’s Msuya and Malecela to intervene and exhort the members not to vote for Edward Lowassa.

CCM has proven once again that being a favorite is never a good strategy.

Dr Abdallah Kagoda was said to have been one of Mkapa’s favorite candidates who was floored by Kikwete.Abdallah Kigoda is currently the Minister of Industry and Trade.

I think we are all misreading the issues and events in EAC at large,there is no individual president who is a personal threat to the other.

The idea that Dr Magufuli will be a threat to UK because he is a personal of RAO, with whom they share a nickname ‘Tinga'(Bulldozer), is misplaced.

Political and economic interests drive relationships in the region. How quickly we forget that only a year ago Paul Kagame(PK), M7 and UK made the Coalition of the Willing (COW) on the one hand and Jakaya Kikwtete(JK) and Nkurunziza were on the side.

Guess who is in the process of trying to save Nkurunziza’s political neck? M7 and not JK which seems to be upsetting PK to no end.

William Samoei Ruto(WSR), after 2007 is the one person who went after M7, and called him every name in the book. Guess what? Many say that it’s M7 who actually hatched the idea of ‘Jubilee’ by inviting WSR for secret talks in Uganda with UK.

Politics is a very strange game played by stranger players.

Ocen Moses Nekyon via the UAH forum


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