Sometime back Edward Baliddawa Kafufu designed and tried very hard to promote a Uganda district portal.

Children in North America and Europe and now in China have their own websites – in Africa even government websites are not working if they exist at all – what a people!

Yes we have regulators like Uganda Communication Commission, Ministry of ICT, the biggest computing college in Africa at Makerere Ivory Tower and so forth.

What else can one say?!

Indeed Baliddawa designed the portal with all districts of Uganda and what was needed was for each district to have a few students of computer sciences or a computer literate personnel to feed (upload) the database with more information and likewise update the data on a regular basis – how many jobs are those?

We now need a stricter law that every district, town council or municipality must have a website and all departments and section, personnel and activities must be uploaded.

Uganda is a self destructive force – why and how the district portal died is a great mystery. It is a waste of brains and labor. Too many students do not have jobs yet they will be doing this sort of work for districts, municipalities and town councils.

Today as I write – you hardly find a single district, municipality or town council with any information about it on the internet. Transparency and accountability.

Yet, where I am now, I can write to any organisation in Europe and with a few hours get a feed back. No if you do not believe me send a mail to any UK borough, or Norwegian, Danish or Swedish town council or municipality and compare that by send a same mail to Arua, Mubende or Mbale

Dark Africa.
Bwanika Nakyesawa Luwero Via the UAH forum


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