I wish common sense was a subject in schools too!

I find the practice of schools discontinuing students on academic grounds rather strange. Certain schools set cut-off points for certain classes, and students who don’t hit the pass mark are expelled. Who is the failure here – the student or the school?

Expulsion on disciplinary grounds is okay, it’s like returning rotten bread to a baker. A parent takes a child to school to be taught. If s/he is below expected standards, make them repeat. If they refuse, then maybe ask them to change school. But to out rightly send them away is a form of cheating.They even create streams …. I hear this is the stream for the dull, stream for the bright and stream for the “not so bright” …….. some pupils stay in the same stream from the beginning to the end.

I’ve heard of a ” good” sch in Kla which sends off whoever is expected not to get a first grade. When Ple comes back, 25 pass with 4 agg en d rest get other first grade points. No other grade is heard of. En we start praising them for having a very ” good” standard. En I wondered hw can such a big school sit only 50 candidates? As parents, we shd always research abut schools where we take our kids.

The Ugandan education system doesn’t look at the whole child as an individual. The below average child is doomed to fail from the word go. No chance given to them to explore their talents.



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