‘I have comprehended Amama Mbabazi’s note to the CEC of the NRM and I beg to dissent.
Ofcourse those who know Hon Amama very well admit that he is an intelligent character in a sea of of part time thinkers. If it has taken 40 years a person of the caliber of Amama’s intellect to decipher that there are no traces of any democracy genes in President Museveni, it will certainly take 530 years for Hon Kahinda Otafire of average intellect to know president Museveni.
It will take the 718 years the likes of Frank Tumwebaze, Jim Muhwezi, Kadaga, Tamale Mirundi etc to know Museveni.
There is a huge category whose brains are situated in their stomach and I would be reluctant to tag them to any known period of time probably when Jesus Christ will come back.
The NRA was never a democratic organization and it was all about an individual. It had no known values. A member of the NRA High Command told me an NRA unit hit a hospital and left many patients dead. NRA wiped out families to condition kids/orphans becoming fighters read Kadogos. That certainly couldn’t be a force that would anchor democracy.
Not at all.
For the first 20 years of NRA/M rule it established a fraudulent system to destroy values of association vide Individual merit. Mbu this was an alternative system to Multipartism.
In the constituent Assembly, we criminalized political activities. Activities like delegates conferences, party branches etc were banned.
In the Caucus meeting to decide whether Political parties would return without being subjected to a referendum the following made important statements.
Mzee Bidandi Ssali informed us the decision was arrived at by the smaller caucus that met with the president and he informed us Hon Maria Matembe attended. In essence much as we thought were the Movement Caucus, there was another minute caucus close to Museveni’s bedroom.
On that fateful day I was seated behind Dr Besigye and his plea was he was allergic to Multipartism because it was a threat to his Local Council system. Dr Besigye gave the example of the Nakawa LC 3 Committee whose chair was the late Mulenga then a DP diehard. Besigye’s argument was the Nakawa LC 3 council as a judicial unit benefited from the Late Mulenga’s expertise as a lawyer.
You now see Besigye swinging his bu two fingures enjoying the freedom that comes with multipartism. As a people we forget heroes like Michael Kagwa who risked their lives for multipartism.
Rather than invite Gen Tinyefuza whose fingers drip with Luwero blood, that Mao DP gang should surely have invited Michael Kagwa who stood for freedom at its greatest hour of need. We continue to forget people like Hon Ziritwawura who resigned their parliamentary seats because NRA/M opted to extend their rule without an election. In that meeting all that Hon Winnie Byanyima wanted to know was the Movement position and she would defend it with all she had at her disposal.
I was young then and because of inspirations from the likes of the Obamas of today, I ventured to ask questions and for that I was branded” a poisonous weed” and these gangsters led my Jim Muhwezi brutalized and killed some of my supporters. Ofcourse Dr Besigye blessed Jim Muhwezi in all those crimes. Its then that I got a clear definition and character of NRA/M. Its merely a club of dealers. When entering NRA/M you leave values like integrity, truth, compassion, sharing etc at the quarter guard. Either you become corrupt and make money and or you keep quiet.
Atleast Amama Mbabazi is still alive.
Lt Ngabirano was executed when he aspired to run for the Rukungiri LC 5 seat.
Those who aspire for democracy, honesty, compassion, truth etc you can never get them from Luwero NRA graduates.
So as long as Mr Mbabazi is talking of any brand of NRM whether NRM or false NRM the principle is simple; Take on Mzee Museveni at your own risk.
And I advise Amama to just go and sign for 100 million shillings for fuel precisely because the MPs drove Beasts like President Obama and theirs were indeed guzzlers.
How do you claim for mileage after using a car that was donated to you by government?
Now that we are done with the Amama lamentations, lets await the Janet Ruhama lamentations too.’

— Charles Rwomushana Via UAH Facebook


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