JPAM may defect from NRM BUT he cannot and should not be the joint opposition flag bearer

Folks:Hon Wafula Oguttu was quoted in the media that he is open to the possibility of having JPAM become the joint DA -opposition candidate in 2016. That thought and talk cannot and should not happen because JPAM cannot simply move from NRM top layer to the same level within the opposition. The opposition, I mean the real not the managed opposition should take caution in their utterances that having JPAM or even thinking of having him as the joint opposition candidate will be political suicide.

How can the opposition convince their suffering supporters to switch their allegiance to JPAM or even Dr Gilbert Balisseka Bukenya, who have been NRM damn?

The message that should go out unequivocally from clear minded opposition leaders is this: JPAM and Dr Bukenya are welcome to defect from NRM to the opposition but neither will be the opposition candidate nor the running mate. If they still defect then Ugandans will know they mean well for the country otherwise they are only interested in advancing their personal interests.

This posting was necessary to nip talk by Hon Wafula Oguttu and others in the bud and to caution them to stop taking Ugandan voters for fools.

WBK via the UAH forum


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