Going by what the Uganda police has done ever since Amama Mbabazi and Besigye showed interest in the presidency, we must all be worried that we have got a police force that cannot defend us incase Museveni wants to do anything to us. This is a police force that is capable of killing and arresting and torturing whoever is against Museveni.

The Newvision is another threat to national security. It is the main route used to sell everything undemocratic in Uganda. It is only comparable to any paper promoting genocide out there.

RTLMC funded by the Interahamwe in Rwanda was similarly dismissed as a joke. The rest is gory history.

The infamous Goebbels famously referred to radio as the 8th power and he deployed that power to devastating effect, instigating the rabble against Jews and whipping up support for the third reich and its bloody adventures.

Lord Haw Haw (William Joyce) and Axis Sally (Mildred Gillars) used propaganda on radio from and on behalf of Nazi Germany to spread fear and uncertainty as far as the UK and USA and beyond.

Recently, Radio Kudirat was deployed efficiently by Nadeco in its battle against the Abacha regime, at least in the South West.

We would be playing ostrich by down playing the threat of Uganda Police in our volatile clime.



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