Now that the silly Obama speech has lived this long and many have decided to hold a life orgasm with it, let us closely look at it critically, you see I am always amazed at how Africans particularly the so-called degree holders react with so much excitement at statements such as “Changing Constitutions so that a leader can keep power”–President Obama are made. What is new about this statement that brings so much excitement from degree holders? Is it because it is made by an American President? If an American President makes more sense than the so-called African revolutionaries such as Museveni, why do you still call African countries independent? And do you know what continues to be strange, is that the same people who are so excited will turn around and blame United States for interfering with their internal matters. What is more intrusive than telling you in your face that your leadership is useless and on your own soul? According to Obama, the only person in Africa who matters or mattered when it comes to leadership is/was Nelson Mandela. The rest are piece of garbage. Which is true by the way. Out of now more than one billion Africans only one person was given the right “gene” for leadership and that was the late Mandela. And that was the open abuse of Africans that Obama placed in our face.

African dictators are in power for the very same Obama finances their governments, leave the man he is a lost cause. Think about this, remember when he made the speech in Africa about dictatorship and we need to build democracy? Where exactly did he make it? In Egypt the most autocratic government we had in Africa. The man is useless let him fall apart at his own peril. And now he has a new democratic friend, Iran, watch that one as it falls apart you will realize how Gadhafi was a better deal for him.

This could not be far from the truth when one examines the quality of discussion on UAH. After nearly a decade of chattering, no one out of the so-called thousands of members has exhibited any qualities of leadership. very good at blaming Mzee Kaguta, the late Amin and praising the late Obote who let Uganda down twice and his son is doing the third by destroying UPC the only legacy Obote is remembered for.

The difference between Amin, Obote and Museveni and you folks who are good for nothing is that all the three led you and one is till leading.You sound like Americans who all the time refer to mass killers as mentally derailed when this mass killing is carried out by an American within America. The same person is a terrorist when he happens to be a Moslem and Arab.



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