Do American Presidents operate in Africa based on their kinship impulses and/or personal inclinations, or do so within constructive frameworks of national foreign policies? We have said enough about the depredations of slavery, colonialism, neocolonialism, dependency, globalization, etc. From my considered opinion, it is about time Africans do things for themselves and stop day-dreaming that American Presidents, etc. are divinely mandated to help Africans. Come to Museveni’s Uganda and see the opulent and thievery lifestyle of the people I call educated pen-armed robbers and you would be ashamed of them, not Obama. Did Obama tell Frank Tumwebaze to steal shs.10b and deposit it on his account? Did Ugandans do anything about it or they let it pass?

The masses have been benighted and marginalized by the pen-armed robbers, the latter bloated in Mercedes, BMWs, etc. and puffing in palaces purchased with stolen wealth. Paradoxically, in this day and age, we have pupils who go to school under trees. Our hospitals are dilapidated. Our roads are death-traps! Come to the streets of Jinja and Kampala and you would encounter some millions of hungry-looking school-going age kids peddling all sorts of made-in-China items. What are our politicians, aka pen-armed robbers, doing? Yes, filling their pot-bellied banks with cocoa, oil, diamond, timber, bauxite, etc. money. Yes, stealing and leading the good life. Don’t get me wrong here. Hard work and consequent riches are ok, but not when whole systems are at the mercy of pen-armed robbers. Ironically, the benighted masses adore and worship such big wo/manism syndrome.

My dear friends, let us ask new questions and stop talking about being ashamed of Obama! We should be ashamed of ourselves for not training our guns on our political elites aka pen-armed robbers and casino-ed academics with bogus PhDs parading in the corridors of corrupted power.

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