The actions of our own opposition parties paint a very discouraging picture and one wonders where we hope to reach with such actions.
I know how many unpopular stuff Sejusa has done in the past, but I still maintain this time around, he has told us the unpalatable truth about our weakness which have been partly carefully crafted and encouraged by the dictatorship of which Sejusa belonged, so he is releasing those good notes in bits.

Our weakness and greed still prevent us from making serious and concerted efforts to liberate ourselves. As soon as the dictatorship dangles some sacks of money in our faces, become uncontrollably agitated and unstable and start talking about ” The future of my children, I see their future guaranteed by NRM” etc as though the realization came in a dream.

The Amama Mbabazi and Sejusas are two insiders who have come out even though they actively worked against us in the past, their actions now are some kind of apologies and are trying to undo what they did but we are just watching them with folded arms across our chests waiting for Almighty God to come to our rescue as we disparage the Sejusas! Our opposition members are “gently” watching lonely Besigye and gentleman Mugisha Muntu, trying to drum the opposition struggle, surely where shall we reach with such moves?

We need to seriously undergo reflective approaches to analyze why we are not moving forward and why we continue to lose presenting opportunities.

Peter Simon Okurut via the UAH forum


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