Otafiire is a very highly organised criminal

Kahinda Otafiree is not stupid. Dont fall into that trap.
The plot to forge signatures was an elaborate plan to fleece the public coffers and the beer-bellied chap was in the thick of it from start to finish. All of them agreed among themselves to steal public money and they shared it among themselves. The so-called pensioner must have passed on to Otafirre at least 55% of the loot. Otafirre is corrupt to the core, Do you wonder why he has such a bulging beer belly. The last time I checked, he was caught red-handed smuggling sugar into Uganda when he was Minister of Trade. He imported the sugar from Brazil and then when the consignment arrived in Kenya, he re-packaged them to read “Made in Uganda” so that he would avoid paying any taxes, having smuggled it it into Uganda. Otafirre was also the major scoundrel in the illegal logging and coffee smuggling racket in the DR Congo- together with associates such as Kayihura and Kazini. They made millions of dollars
from the smuggling racket, decimating large chunks of the DRC’s natural environment. The International Court of Justice at the Haque found Uganda quilty of looting the resources of the DRC and ordered it to pay reparations of $20 billion, a sum which has never been paid and has now accumulated to over $100 billion with interest. Otafirree is mentioned in the court pleadings as one of the illegal loggers.People seriously under-estimate Otafirree when they say he is stupid. He is far from it. He is a very highly organised criminal.

George Okello


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