Pschophancy must have limits for descent politics to be exercised!

It is as amusing as it is sometimes maddening to see supporters of dictatorships singing their praises like the mother who remarked that only her son in the military parade was matching correctly! Frank Tumwebaze in castigating Besigye and Mbabazi for being arrested as they attempted to exercise their rights to free assembly, went to great lengths to obscure reason and a descent sense of fair play. He asked why Mbabazi would attempt to hold a rally in a market. Did Mbabazi attempt to hold a rally in a market? He was actually going to hold it indoors! How come the Besigye rally, that was stopped, has gotten underway on another without any murder, mayhem and chaos (that the police always assure us will result)?! Pandering and toadying to dictators makes us creatures with no conscience, but the time comes when we have to excrete all the resulting waste products of the sycophancy we took in. Mbabazi is beginning to suffer the pains of trying to release his a little at a time before a live audience! But people like Frank Tumwebaze who are continuing in theirs, like school kids screaming, “Driver Yongeza omiliro”, must be reminded to consider the Nigerian proverb that urges him to think about the size of his anus as he swallows his Adala seed!

‘paget kintu’ via Ugandans at Heart (UAH) Community.


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