Sejusa has done more than an active military officer can ever do; the opposition is failing to grab that opportunity.

I think Sejusa is doing the energizing aspect but we in the opposition are failing to get it. The general is actually risking arrest since he is still considered an active officer. When he tells us that we are weak, I share that observation and I have made it before. He cites the 2009 riots as an opportunity lost, he tells us that they (soldiers and M7) were panicking, which is true, that is too much information to chew.

Sometimes, we fail to read between the lines,people want plain language which can put others in big risks but when cipher language is used, it safeguards the one saying but our people want direct talk forgetting that we have thousands of laws put in place to catch one with accusations of inciting hatred or licking military secrets so people like Sejusa cannot just talk faaa but he still risks. Nina Mbabazi made an observation in UAH about how careful some people were by being non-committal yet they communicated serious issues.

Look at how some people are blaming Besigye for trying to continue with his struggle, Others say he should leave Mugisha Muntu to do it and after Muntu fails, then I do not know who next. No, everyone should be active. If Ugandans were strong and united, no dictatorial government would last more than two years but we are so divided yet cry a lot. See how people celebrate when Amama Mbabazi was blocked and arrested, instead of protesting people celebrate and when they are killed, then survivors cry; so those who were not supported also celebrate and so on goes the cycle. See how Aruu MP, one Otto is busy mobilizing people against Amama Mbabazi yet the same Otto is in opposition and claims to be working hard to remove dictatorship, how serious is such a person?

Comrades, I think Sejusa has done more than an active military officer can ever do; the opposition is failing to grab that opportunity. Since when have you heard a soldier calling his commander -in – chief, a dictator? To the best of my knowledge it is only Sejusa who has done that.. tell me, isn’t that energizing?

Let us accept that we in the opposition are weak.

Peter Simon Okurut via the UAH forum


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