Beginning journalism students are usually taught that a classic test of what constitutes a news item is as follows. When a dog bites a man, it’s not considered newsworthy because it’s common for dogs to bite human beings, but when a man bites a dog, a news event has occurred. For me, a news report that yet another Ugandan MP, who the media branded a ‘rebel’, has publicly announced or divulged his support for the sole candidature is no news. I’m merely surprised that some of us seemed surprised about it. Ssekibubo’s father was a friend of Museveni’s father as he used to be Amos Kaguta’s doctor. Ssekikubo himself got his first job in State House because of his father’s friendship with Museveni. It is also rumoured that Ssekikubo has got Rwandese blood in him which explains his facial features.

The next rebel MP likely to publicly come out and admit his support for Museveni is Nsereko Muhammad. The Mutumbas have always been NRMs and top beneficiaries of the state. So, wait for Muhammad Nsereko too to publicly support the sole candidate. A lot of people are pretending to be opposing Museveni, and there are many!

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