Folks:I have always been told that Tamale Mirundi, was a man of little or no influence than he would like us to believe. Although he was the ‘Presidential Press Secretary,’ he almost never had an audience with person he was supposed to speak on behalf.

This fact was always lost on the general public due to his(Mirundi’s) bombastic character and the coercive nature of his statements.If foreign journalists wanted to meet M7, Robert Kabushenga, was the man and not Tamale Mirundi.

Tamale Mirundi, is an old school mate of mine and Robert Kabushenga, is an old friend.I remember when he(Mirundi) was ridiculing John Nagenda, about his position and now he is “appointed” to the very position.

The man ‘Upstairs’ has a deadly sense of humor! If M7 has more than ten”Political Advisors,” what stops him(M7) from having more than two “Media Advisors?”

In his previous conversations, Tamale has despised presidential advisors calling the position a consolation dumping ground for the useless.Tamale Mirundi said those posts are there for welfare purposes. so, he is just going to pick a salary but for doing nothing.Tamale Mirundi, forgot one important aspect of politics; everybody and everyone is expendable in politics.

Ocen Nekyon Moses via the UAH forum


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