I believe in what is called plural democracy. But I also think some politicians are wise/smart enough to know when to leave/form coalitions and when not to – they surely know the effects of choosing to be in the losing end/side.

Mwandosya was number 3 in 2005. He got seriously sick and lost his political momentum between 2010 and 2015. If you have noticed, the top 5 that the CC sent to NEC did not include most of the sickly and all the 65+ oldies: Sitta, Mwandosya, Wassira et al., a trend I believe will continue in Magufuli’s cabinet. In this context one cannot imagine Mwandosya being aggrieved let alone upset in the Lowassa’s sense. So, why should he want to go out and join/form CCM-B so he can get embarrassed by losing big time to CCM? Or why go join UKAWA that is not even thinking of him as a potential candidate? Isn’t it better to accept defeat and work within his party to secure peaceful retirement?

Normally one would go out as a follower of a real big candidate, let’s say the then Lowassa, or as a real big candidate himself/herself. Mwandosya is not a big candidate now. Unless of course, ACT takes/invites him and make him such!

Let me also remind politicians in Uganda that fighting NRM is not an easy work. Changing a 30 year old party like NRM hegemony requires a joint movement. The formation of the Democratic Alliance[DA] was a good step, and if Mbabazi proves to be stronger than Besigye, let him head it and fight his friend, Museveni.

Political alliances have many objectives including the one of fighting the monopoly of independence political parties. Some other alliances are also intended to help form a coalition government after the elections. It is also quite possible for parties to form alliances for the purpose of defeating a bill or motion brought before the House by the ruling party. We have seen how the formation of UKAWA (The Coalition of Defenders’ of People’s Constitution) became powerful in defending the people’s driven constitution and blocking several proposed bills in the parliament of Tanzania.

Let us see things with rational comprehensive approaches to help our people.

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