The truth of the matter is that our government back home has failed live by its promises and reasons for going to the bush. The failed promises are many but let us look at the proposed 39 new constituencies; what was the basis for their creation? If it was based on population, which should be the case, how come only a few areas were handpicked? I do not have exact population figures for each area but if what both Ahmed Kateregga (UAH & NRM) and Nandala Mafabi ( FDC) say is true, then NRM has gerrymandered those constituencies to serve its illegal interests.

My home region has seen three or four new constituencies curved out of some constituencies to give NRM chance to get more MPs. For Example, Amuri Constituency is where both Musa Ecweru and Jeje Odongo hail from and since are believed to be popular NRM members and to avoid a repeat of past competitions, the constituency has been split to Orungo- where Jeje hails from so that Musa comfortably struggles to defend their seat in Amuria much as he has to constantly get Museveni to clear his education papers.

It is reasonable to demand the reduction of the number of our legislators as our economy cannot support a huge number; the mechanism of doing so could be worked out:removing interest groups, merging some with fewer people in order to get a fairly good number. As an example, the whole of Teso should have not more than 10 MPs.



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