Many Ugandans despite their inherited poverty from this government (which I think will do anything to stay in power then), Uganda will have an influx of Chinese Watsapp free android phones- Thanks to Kagu and his Chinese business crooked contractors.

Trust me- even the deprived in the most rural areas like the Batwa will have access to M7’s depreciated government files with proven recorded evidence.

As for Janet Museveni, unless she loses sight of the shore, she is definitely too late in discovering new oceans – she will need to concentrate on taking caring of her ailing and indisposed husband by then unless if she’s going to chance it and leave it to the carers/mistresses’…. -:)

Our Ugandan Culture demands that females care for their bed-ridden hubbies, although I disagree with this but we should and we’ll support her whilst in her final earthly role as a carer.

2021 will be a new era of politics, new age. Don’t write off the lost generation of Ugandans- the unemployed now, striving to make it, sweating each day on the corners of the streets waiting for enjawula, worrying about their parent’s health bill, watching them die, witnessing the increasing massive gap between the rich and poor, deprived of sex because of high cost of condoms- ( stressed to the core) , watching those living off our taxes with no shame- The Angry Generation of 2021 is on its way- dare I say.

That generation-will have had enough and will have nothing to lose, but every reason to wage a political fight against the incumbents and their diehards…. I will be there to watch and witness it as well as support them.

2021 sees the end of the thieving NRM and the beginning of a fresh Uganda- we’ll forgive them but we shall NEVER AGAIN let NRM smell the front doors of State house.

Pendie Wasswa via the UAH forum


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