obama - Copy
Can you imagine how long it would take Obama to complete to read the list of those African leaders that have refused to give way? He would need at least 30 minutes if he was an average reader: from Mugabe, Museveni to even new Kiir who is clinging on power through the support of you know whom I am referring to.

However, I have some hope left, soon we shall see changes whether they like it or not; one by one, we get some change: Gaddafi is gone, Hosni is gone , I do not know who is next; but we should salute some like President Kikwete that have followed Mandela’s example.

Yes, Obama must have surprised his elders by such bold American talk, no mincing words. Ask Haji Ahmed to comment on term limits and you will have to go to Kotido via Bundibugyo to hear his answer having started from Mpigi, meandering left, right, up and down before he struggles to give a vague answer, by which time you are already asleep just like when his mentor addresses his audience in parliament, nearly everyone sleeps; that is my good Haji Ahmed.

Peter Simon Okurut via the UAH forum


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