YKM is still sadly the regional kingpin in the great lakes region

TZ has been an outlier in the EAC. Actually I feared that once again TZ would contribute to the demise of the EAC. Mr. Uhuru Kenyatta has nothing to fear about any leader in the region including Dr. Magufuli who is likely to become TZ’s next president. In any case YKM is closer to Kenya so things may balance out. Hate or love him, YKM is the regional kingpin in the great lakes region and that may have contributed to some of the tension or should I say hesitation from TZ.

And if my reading of political developments in Kenya is correct, President Uhuru Kenyatta is on course to win re-election with even a bigger margin. For some reason Kenya has never feared TZ. It is only Uganda which play second fiddle to TZ for obvious reasons.

In any case if Dr Magufuli continues with Mr Kikwete’s lone ranger mindset, EAC countries sans TZ will move on.Dr Magufuli is a teacher by training so that may help him a lot in the campaigns. CCM’s easy elimination of Mr Lowasa reinforces the message I have been putting across that if apolitical doe snot want you, money cannot help you.

So JPAM if he still had any delusion should smell the Coffee. If Mr. Lowasa who had a very strong base and tons of money could be eliminated with such ease in TZ, what chance does JPAM with zero base in Uganda stand against YKM? And guess what ? CCM is marching on as if Mr Lowasa never even existed. Mr Lowasa must now give up his ambition for good because the text CCM holder in ten years will be a Muslim.

WBK via the UAH forum


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