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Under President Obama, the US commitment to democracy and human rights [with the exception of gay rights] in Africa has taken a back-burner. President Obama and his government only seem to talk about democracy and human rights as an afterthought. President Obama has become a huge disappointment. We see him freely consorting, laughing, dancing, and breaking bread with leaders whose hands are dripping with blood of innocent fellow citizens, and whose pockets are bulging with stolen public resources.

Apart from giving high-sounding but empty lectures about leaders ignoring constitutional term limits, President Obama’s government has done nothing concrete to punish leaders who ignore or trample on human rights and democracy. Today, one of the oldest and longest-serving presidents in Africa comes from East Africa—with no end in sight to his regime. Two leaders seeking to change their countries’ constitution to prolong their stay in power are from East Africa. One of the most brutal thugs who has managed to kill his way to power while using a sophisticated PR regime to sanitize his regime in the eyes of the international community is from East Africa. And there are civil wars in South Sudan and Somalia. All these are happening without serious, thoughtful, and meaningful engagement from President Obama.

As an aside. During his recent trip to Kenya, President took a moment to meet with his Kenyan relatives. There are reports — I don’t know how accurate the reports are — that President Obama’s Kenyan relatives took him to task over his indifference to their welfare while in office. Now, while I do not necessarily support the President’s relatives’ expectations and demands on him, what I found very telling and very significant was his response to their questions, demands, and expectations. He reportedly told the relatives, “I cannot help you now because there are rules and regulations limiting my ability to help you now while in the White House, but don’t worry, I will help you once I am out of the White House.” Think about that, Africa!


Going by what the Uganda police has done ever since Amama Mbabazi and Besigye showed interest in the presidency, we must all be worried that we have got a police force that cannot defend us incase Museveni wants to do anything to us. This is a police force that is capable of killing and arresting and torturing whoever is against Museveni.

The Newvision is another threat to national security. It is the main route used to sell everything undemocratic in Uganda. It is only comparable to any paper promoting genocide out there.

RTLMC funded by the Interahamwe in Rwanda was similarly dismissed as a joke. The rest is gory history.

The infamous Goebbels famously referred to radio as the 8th power and he deployed that power to devastating effect, instigating the rabble against Jews and whipping up support for the third reich and its bloody adventures.

Lord Haw Haw (William Joyce) and Axis Sally (Mildred Gillars) used propaganda on radio from and on behalf of Nazi Germany to spread fear and uncertainty as far as the UK and USA and beyond.

Recently, Radio Kudirat was deployed efficiently by Nadeco in its battle against the Abacha regime, at least in the South West.

We would be playing ostrich by down playing the threat of Uganda Police in our volatile clime.


CCM picks Magufuli as the party’s Union presidential candidate

CCM has a high affiliation for Phd’s. Ms Mingiro is also a PhD holder.From what I hear picking John Magufuli, is a very good choice.The key word is ‘agreeable’ to all camps in CCM because this choice will not leave the party splintered. This felllow has been the Minister of Roads and Public Works and has delivered big time-consuming. I only really started hearing about him (Magufuli) when he was appointed the Minister of Road Works, where he has made a name for himself. The fellow has a reputation for delivering large projects on time and under budget, which is very un-African.

His running mate is a lady from Zanzibar, Samiya Suluhu.CCM’s system is like the Iowa caucuses where votes are tallied from worst to best. John Maguguli, benefited because he was seen as a compromise candidate agreeable to all.

Bernard Membe and January Makamba were perceived to be Kikwete’s choices and thus the Lowassa camp went after them first.I did not know that the runner up Amina Salum, is the African Unions representative today the UN.

Based on popularity the biggest loser is obviously Edward Lowassa, who based on opinion polls was projected to win the General election.

It took the intervention of ex-presidents Mwinyi, Mkapa, Karume and ex-Pm’s Msuya and Malecela to intervene and exhort the members not to vote for Edward Lowassa.

CCM has proven once again that being a favorite is never a good strategy.

Dr Abdallah Kagoda was said to have been one of Mkapa’s favorite candidates who was floored by Kikwete.Abdallah Kigoda is currently the Minister of Industry and Trade.

I think we are all misreading the issues and events in EAC at large,there is no individual president who is a personal threat to the other.

The idea that Dr Magufuli will be a threat to UK because he is a personal of RAO, with whom they share a nickname ‘Tinga'(Bulldozer), is misplaced.

Political and economic interests drive relationships in the region. How quickly we forget that only a year ago Paul Kagame(PK), M7 and UK made the Coalition of the Willing (COW) on the one hand and Jakaya Kikwtete(JK) and Nkurunziza were on the side.

Guess who is in the process of trying to save Nkurunziza’s political neck? M7 and not JK which seems to be upsetting PK to no end.

William Samoei Ruto(WSR), after 2007 is the one person who went after M7, and called him every name in the book. Guess what? Many say that it’s M7 who actually hatched the idea of ‘Jubilee’ by inviting WSR for secret talks in Uganda with UK.

Politics is a very strange game played by stranger players.

Ocen Moses Nekyon via the UAH forum

YKM is still sadly the regional kingpin in the great lakes region

TZ has been an outlier in the EAC. Actually I feared that once again TZ would contribute to the demise of the EAC. Mr. Uhuru Kenyatta has nothing to fear about any leader in the region including Dr. Magufuli who is likely to become TZ’s next president. In any case YKM is closer to Kenya so things may balance out. Hate or love him, YKM is the regional kingpin in the great lakes region and that may have contributed to some of the tension or should I say hesitation from TZ.

And if my reading of political developments in Kenya is correct, President Uhuru Kenyatta is on course to win re-election with even a bigger margin. For some reason Kenya has never feared TZ. It is only Uganda which play second fiddle to TZ for obvious reasons.

In any case if Dr Magufuli continues with Mr Kikwete’s lone ranger mindset, EAC countries sans TZ will move on.Dr Magufuli is a teacher by training so that may help him a lot in the campaigns. CCM’s easy elimination of Mr Lowasa reinforces the message I have been putting across that if apolitical doe snot want you, money cannot help you.

So JPAM if he still had any delusion should smell the Coffee. If Mr. Lowasa who had a very strong base and tons of money could be eliminated with such ease in TZ, what chance does JPAM with zero base in Uganda stand against YKM? And guess what ? CCM is marching on as if Mr Lowasa never even existed. Mr Lowasa must now give up his ambition for good because the text CCM holder in ten years will be a Muslim.

WBK via the UAH forum

Pschophancy must have limits for descent politics to be exercised!

It is as amusing as it is sometimes maddening to see supporters of dictatorships singing their praises like the mother who remarked that only her son in the military parade was matching correctly! Frank Tumwebaze in castigating Besigye and Mbabazi for being arrested as they attempted to exercise their rights to free assembly, went to great lengths to obscure reason and a descent sense of fair play. He asked why Mbabazi would attempt to hold a rally in a market. Did Mbabazi attempt to hold a rally in a market? He was actually going to hold it indoors! How come the Besigye rally, that was stopped, has gotten underway on another without any murder, mayhem and chaos (that the police always assure us will result)?! Pandering and toadying to dictators makes us creatures with no conscience, but the time comes when we have to excrete all the resulting waste products of the sycophancy we took in. Mbabazi is beginning to suffer the pains of trying to release his a little at a time before a live audience! But people like Frank Tumwebaze who are continuing in theirs, like school kids screaming, “Driver Yongeza omiliro”, must be reminded to consider the Nigerian proverb that urges him to think about the size of his anus as he swallows his Adala seed!

‘paget kintu’ via Ugandans at Heart (UAH) Community.

Otafiire is a very highly organised criminal

Kahinda Otafiree is not stupid. Dont fall into that trap.
The plot to forge signatures was an elaborate plan to fleece the public coffers and the beer-bellied chap was in the thick of it from start to finish. All of them agreed among themselves to steal public money and they shared it among themselves. The so-called pensioner must have passed on to Otafirre at least 55% of the loot. Otafirre is corrupt to the core, Do you wonder why he has such a bulging beer belly. The last time I checked, he was caught red-handed smuggling sugar into Uganda when he was Minister of Trade. He imported the sugar from Brazil and then when the consignment arrived in Kenya, he re-packaged them to read “Made in Uganda” so that he would avoid paying any taxes, having smuggled it it into Uganda. Otafirre was also the major scoundrel in the illegal logging and coffee smuggling racket in the DR Congo- together with associates such as Kayihura and Kazini. They made millions of dollars
from the smuggling racket, decimating large chunks of the DRC’s natural environment. The International Court of Justice at the Haque found Uganda quilty of looting the resources of the DRC and ordered it to pay reparations of $20 billion, a sum which has never been paid and has now accumulated to over $100 billion with interest. Otafirree is mentioned in the court pleadings as one of the illegal loggers.People seriously under-estimate Otafirree when they say he is stupid. He is far from it. He is a very highly organised criminal.

George Okello

Sejusa has done more than an active military officer can ever do; the opposition is failing to grab that opportunity.

I think Sejusa is doing the energizing aspect but we in the opposition are failing to get it. The general is actually risking arrest since he is still considered an active officer. When he tells us that we are weak, I share that observation and I have made it before. He cites the 2009 riots as an opportunity lost, he tells us that they (soldiers and M7) were panicking, which is true, that is too much information to chew.

Sometimes, we fail to read between the lines,people want plain language which can put others in big risks but when cipher language is used, it safeguards the one saying but our people want direct talk forgetting that we have thousands of laws put in place to catch one with accusations of inciting hatred or licking military secrets so people like Sejusa cannot just talk faaa but he still risks. Nina Mbabazi made an observation in UAH about how careful some people were by being non-committal yet they communicated serious issues.

Look at how some people are blaming Besigye for trying to continue with his struggle, Others say he should leave Mugisha Muntu to do it and after Muntu fails, then I do not know who next. No, everyone should be active. If Ugandans were strong and united, no dictatorial government would last more than two years but we are so divided yet cry a lot. See how people celebrate when Amama Mbabazi was blocked and arrested, instead of protesting people celebrate and when they are killed, then survivors cry; so those who were not supported also celebrate and so on goes the cycle. See how Aruu MP, one Otto is busy mobilizing people against Amama Mbabazi yet the same Otto is in opposition and claims to be working hard to remove dictatorship, how serious is such a person?

Comrades, I think Sejusa has done more than an active military officer can ever do; the opposition is failing to grab that opportunity. Since when have you heard a soldier calling his commander -in – chief, a dictator? To the best of my knowledge it is only Sejusa who has done that.. tell me, isn’t that energizing?

Let us accept that we in the opposition are weak.

Peter Simon Okurut via the UAH forum


The actions of our own opposition parties paint a very discouraging picture and one wonders where we hope to reach with such actions.
I know how many unpopular stuff Sejusa has done in the past, but I still maintain this time around, he has told us the unpalatable truth about our weakness which have been partly carefully crafted and encouraged by the dictatorship of which Sejusa belonged, so he is releasing those good notes in bits.

Our weakness and greed still prevent us from making serious and concerted efforts to liberate ourselves. As soon as the dictatorship dangles some sacks of money in our faces, become uncontrollably agitated and unstable and start talking about ” The future of my children, I see their future guaranteed by NRM” etc as though the realization came in a dream.

The Amama Mbabazi and Sejusas are two insiders who have come out even though they actively worked against us in the past, their actions now are some kind of apologies and are trying to undo what they did but we are just watching them with folded arms across our chests waiting for Almighty God to come to our rescue as we disparage the Sejusas! Our opposition members are “gently” watching lonely Besigye and gentleman Mugisha Muntu, trying to drum the opposition struggle, surely where shall we reach with such moves?

We need to seriously undergo reflective approaches to analyze why we are not moving forward and why we continue to lose presenting opportunities.

Peter Simon Okurut via the UAH forum


The truth of the matter is that our government back home has failed live by its promises and reasons for going to the bush. The failed promises are many but let us look at the proposed 39 new constituencies; what was the basis for their creation? If it was based on population, which should be the case, how come only a few areas were handpicked? I do not have exact population figures for each area but if what both Ahmed Kateregga (UAH & NRM) and Nandala Mafabi ( FDC) say is true, then NRM has gerrymandered those constituencies to serve its illegal interests.

My home region has seen three or four new constituencies curved out of some constituencies to give NRM chance to get more MPs. For Example, Amuri Constituency is where both Musa Ecweru and Jeje Odongo hail from and since are believed to be popular NRM members and to avoid a repeat of past competitions, the constituency has been split to Orungo- where Jeje hails from so that Musa comfortably struggles to defend their seat in Amuria much as he has to constantly get Museveni to clear his education papers.

It is reasonable to demand the reduction of the number of our legislators as our economy cannot support a huge number; the mechanism of doing so could be worked out:removing interest groups, merging some with fewer people in order to get a fairly good number. As an example, the whole of Teso should have not more than 10 MPs.


JPAM may defect from NRM BUT he cannot and should not be the joint opposition flag bearer

Folks:Hon Wafula Oguttu was quoted in the media that he is open to the possibility of having JPAM become the joint DA -opposition candidate in 2016. That thought and talk cannot and should not happen because JPAM cannot simply move from NRM top layer to the same level within the opposition. The opposition, I mean the real not the managed opposition should take caution in their utterances that having JPAM or even thinking of having him as the joint opposition candidate will be political suicide.

How can the opposition convince their suffering supporters to switch their allegiance to JPAM or even Dr Gilbert Balisseka Bukenya, who have been NRM damn?

The message that should go out unequivocally from clear minded opposition leaders is this: JPAM and Dr Bukenya are welcome to defect from NRM to the opposition but neither will be the opposition candidate nor the running mate. If they still defect then Ugandans will know they mean well for the country otherwise they are only interested in advancing their personal interests.

This posting was necessary to nip talk by Hon Wafula Oguttu and others in the bud and to caution them to stop taking Ugandan voters for fools.

WBK via the UAH forum

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