It has been confirmed from the Kibuli Secondary School Notice Board that their longest cook called Rwakambugu George William popularly known as ‘MUTOORO’ is set to retire before the end of this year. He has been at the school for 35 years.During that time, he has become a cult figure among staff, parents, and students alike, with his trademark ‘do you want more beans’(while serving food) and infectious personality.
Mutooro is a tall, slender, dark man, and his role involved to ring the bell to alert students that breakfast, lunch or supper is read. So many students have gone through his hands including our own Ugandans At Heart(UAH) and Uganda Muslim Brothers and Sisters(UMBS) Moderator, Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba​. Old students of the school are planning an emotional send off for him.

In 1960 Kibuli Junior School was upgraded into secondary school education for both Muslims and non-Muslims. It started as a private school and in 1962 it became Government aided.In 1968 it was upgraded to ‘A’ level status. From 1968 to 1975 the US through USAID (the 1st and 2nd IDA projects) contributed immensely to the construction of the school’s infrastructure, for instance the Administration block and Laboratories. Other facilities at the school were put up by the Agakhan Foundation, individual members and other parents through the Parents’ and Teachers Association.


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  1. Best wishes in your retirement.I wish I would be there to attend the emotional send off , having worked with you as a Prefect .

  2. kwitonda juma,

    Assalam-aleikum ww I wishes all governor board to retire this because he saved a enough years

  3. juma,

    To all ugandans peoples i like to tell about our county, this days we want to change old peoples tpo take young one in head of department becouse of corruptions in kampala, first Jim muhwezi.amama mbabazi janet museveni,pius bigirimana,sulaiman madada. etic.

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