I am sorry to say, and I do not say this out of arrogance but many Christians in Uganda and elsewhere in Africa, do not think deeply about their faith and theology in the modern world.They embrace the benefits of modernity but have not intellectual curiosity to understand its fundamental underpinnings. Fanon raised this issue long ago.

I do not care what one’s religion is but if you live in the modern world and you do not see the Tsunami then one has just decided to live in what some characterize as “ignorance is bliss.”

There are a lot of pastors sexually abusing women and kids, raping women, e.t.c, but Christians continue to tolerate these people. Just look at Peter Ssematimba who is now aspiring to stand as MP for Busilo South. He puts on lip stick in his photos; he used to kuwemula on CBS, he is basically a dodgy young man, but he calls himself a pastor, and some people believe in him.

People have got to start questioning certain things in the Bible.It is a very simple way of approaching life. I wonder whether such an approach can really lay the foundation of transforming Africa. Of course Africans have the right to choose whether they want to be part of the modern world or not, but even if they choose to opt, it is not going to be an easy ride. But if they decide to be part of it, they need to ask: what are the minimum requirements for them to thrive in it.

For most Africans, the Bible is just the authority. Well, when you live in the modern world, to say that means you see only you living and care less about others who equally see things differently. This is pre-modern way of thinking. They feel their beliefs and cosmology is the only one that exists and all others are simply wrong.

And by the way, when I talk about many theologians, philosophers, etc., I include all those people with religious titles from as basic as the Elders, the Deacons, etc., to the Bishops, the Cardinals and the Pope. Even religion as an institution does not escape the process of rationalization.



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  1. Fred,

    Hahahahaha a mayimuna critiquing the bible and Christianity. What a world we live in!!

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