I send my condolences to all the families that lost their loved ones during the stampede in Mecca. May God keep you all strong! What AU/African countries/those countries affected/the Muslim Ummah should do:

(1) demand for a thorough, honest and complete investigation of the incident, primarily to prevent a recurrence in the future. Part of the deterrence for than non-re-occurrence is to punish those who through negligence allowed it to occur.

(2) work out a limit to the crowd in any given space during these observations. Just as an elevator has the maximum number of safe passengers, and a stadium has a given safe limit of spectators, don’t these worship grounds have any limits at all? These limits must be “actuarially” established, so that a stampede (if any) should not cause these many deaths.

(3) ask all participants to take a life insurance. This can be initiated by the sending country, Saudi Arabia or the pilgrim himself/herself. The dead don’t gain from insurance; it is the survivors.

(4) This may be politically incorrect, but too many Uganda Muslims do repeat visit to Mecca, as if they have to stone Satan every year for Satan, already defeated, to be re-defeated! There are people who go to Lesser Hajj, Greater Hajj and Middle Hajj EACH YEAR – three times a year. Yet, the injunction is at least on once in a lifetime, not every year, Haba! To limit the number of participants, there should be a tax for repeat Hajj – double/triple Alhajis and Hajiyas etc. – escalating each time you go again.

In addition, if an official or officials of Saudi actually accused Africans for the stampede, the statement must be withdrawn.

mTherefore, an apology is demanded from Saudi government.

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