Paul Kagame could eliminate term limits and keep running each time so that as long as he keeps doing a good job and winning through a fair process he would have a legitimate government however giving the immediate past history of genocide in Rwanda, he makes the possibility of war far more likely by imposing himself arbitrarily. Politics is war by other means and if the practice of politics were censored what you have left is war!
kagame has effectively stifled any meaningful opposition, to the point of jailing the last candidate who had a real chance, ingabire, and making it virtually impossible for other parties to mount campaigns.

There is more to life and living than economic prosperity. Kagame is loved in the West and in the eyes of many there, he can do little wrong. He has a bloody past though and it is not certain that he is truly born again. The republic of Congo cauldron is still steaming. Kagame having become Rwanda’s president, seems to have chosen to build that country in his own image. Kagame is an acolyte of Uganda’s President Museveni who is all but an undeclared president for life. He seems to have learned all his politics from Museveni. Will Rwanda go the way Uganda has gone? That is the question.

Kagame may indeed be transforming Rwanda’s economy. Does the manner of this transformation and the real and perceived costs of this transformation to the majority of Rwandans who are not Kagame’s fellow Tutsi not matter? I will argue that they do. Is there a worse way to transform a country than to exclude an ethnic majority of the population- Hutus, talk less of the super minority Twa, from the real leadership of the country? Is this not a sure recipe for crises sooner or later? Rwanda’s recent frictional history should be instructive in my opinion.

Kagame as I remember, is an insurgent apparently in politics firstly, to protect his Tutsi people who were the majority of victims of the genocide in that country. Is he setting the stage for history to repeat itself even if not exactly? The lessons of the genocide and its causes should not be lost on him as he makes himself king in all but name. Rwanda has been on that journey- a long-term Tutsi dominated monarchy/government before and that journey did not end well.


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  1. Ssempijja john,

    His dayz are numbered coz u can fool people but u cant fool all the people all the time.

  2. peter wasswa,

    What kagame is doing is just an indication that there is no true nationalist in Africa and everyone who claims to be a nationalist is just selfish

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