Aine’s disappearance smells like that of late JM. Kariuki


Who was Mr Aine Christopher? Was he a soldier or what? The reporting says he was head of security for JPAM? Given that JPAM occupied many sensitive security docket he must have seen special qualities in Mr Aine. Was Mr Aine on secondment from government? It goes without saying that head of security detail for a leading presidential candidates was armed? Is that so?

We would appreciate a chronology. We understand he was born in 1982 or thereabout. How did he rise to become head of security for someone who says will win the election handily? So Mr Aine must be the equivalent of a presidential escort commander in JPAM’s  security details. If that is the case was he snatched from the vicinity of JPAM? Where was he snatched or whatever the govt alleges he was doing? How long had Mr Aine been head of security for JPAM?

Now in Moroto, we saw pictures of JPAN surrounded by policemen. Did the policemen work under Mr Aine or they have their own commander?

Please take this matter with some sensitivity because it smells really bad. If God forbid Mr Aine is found dead, the optics would be really bad. I don’t want to mice any words, it would be a big blow to the IGP. What has Bwana IGP drank, people.  Many of us are struggling to reconcile Mr Kale  Kayihura with general Kale Kayihura the IGP.

We pray the IGP will not take back his words. We also hope the Ugandan police is  not engaged in the  equivalent of what Kenyan police did when the late JM. Kariuki disappeared. I have to be sensitive here because of the unknowns,  but JM Karuiki (RIP)  was so good  that even hyenas refused to touch his dead body in Ngongo forest.  That is how the plot fell apart.  Had the hyenas eaten his body, he would never have been found and the murder might have gone cold .

It is really important that both the Minister of  internal Affairs and the IGP address the media and yes stake questions. They should not hide behind press releases.

Question: who is the police officer  who led the operation to arrest the people who went to fight with NRM supporters in Ntungamo? Who gave the orders to go and arrest them? Was ith the local commander or did the orders come from above? How far above?

How about the govt take the mater with the urgency and set up a one Judge judicial Commission to investigate the Aine issue? And the judge must be beyond reproach not the likes of cadre justice like,  opps sorry.

As for Mbabazi’s campaign so far,You are staring at the next or perhaps the biggest political flop in Ugandan politics. A lot was expected of him before he hit the trail, but since then things are not that rosy, hence the pressure being reported.   The truth hurts.

JPAM’s struggles brings to mind many politicians in the USA who on paper appear strong and presidential material,  but once they hit the trail there is little attraction in the polls. Smart ones withdraw in time and move on with their lives elsewhere.

Just ponder the consequences of JPAM’s pending political disaster. Look at the people going down-to be fair they were already down-with JPAM. Thus, the argument that JPAM’s candidacy and being backed by DP and UPC factions is not necessarily a bad thing. Actually there are silver linings from his disastrous  foray into elective polities.

JPAM and the caste backing him bring to mind the possibility of hitting not just one, two, three, or four, but five birds  with one stone!


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