I wish to air my concerns through your paper about the increasing insecurity/lawlessness around Police Stations/Posts.I commute to Entebbe several days a week.It is surprising that almost every day i witness young boys snatching phones and handbags or laptops from pedestrians and motorists on the stretch from Clock Tower to Kibuye.This is despite the fact that there is a Police Post at Clock Tower and a Police Station at USAFI market!I at one time witnessed these boys accost a man, take away his phone and start beating him as if he was the thief!When the man tried to get one of them, they started running.The man ran after them and that was when another group came from behind him, pushed him down and trod on him as they ran towards and past USAFI Police Station.Another common occurrence is at Bweyogerere on the road from the Northern Bypass.Here also there is a Police Post and at times there are Police Mambas nearby.It is however alarming to witness several boys go after trucks going uphill with small jerrycans into which they siphon fuel from the Truck Tanks while Police is looking on!At times the turn men of the trucks have to jump down to fight these boys who then threaten violence with knives!How come the Crime preventors who have been recruited cannot detect or stop such crime?Why is such crime taking place in the presence of Police?

Rich Muge

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