It’s only hours away before Ugandans attempt to have free and fair elections.
I’m writing this so that I’m not misunderstood when the results come out.
1. I last voted in 1980. My fellow lecturers and I spent the night in the Makerere University Main Hall guarding the ballot boxes. The essence was to guard again ballot rigging. Mr. Museveni had vowed to go to the bush should there be any rigging…..

2. In 1983, I met Mr. Vincent Ssekkono (who had been in charge of the Electoral Commission then) in exile in London. He assured me that he had all the data regarding the malpractices and would reveal them when peace returned to Uganda.
3. When the war ended neither Museveni nor Ssekkono revealed any information on the vote rigging of 1980.

Ssekkono, now retired as Permanent Secretary, is standing in Nakawa division for a little political position!
4. I have observed all the elections in Museveni’s era and my heart weeps more and more each time.
5. Samm, I realize you know Dr. Muniini pretty well. Is it possible to persuade him to write an article with these questions in mind?
(i)Why wasn’t Paul Muwanga asked about the vote rigging? There was ample time before he died.
(ii) Ssekkono is alive and had been in Uganda for all these years of Museveni’s rule. He was recently hosted on Bukedde TV for hours. But he avoided the full issue. Why hasn’t he put the records correct? Is it possible that DP won in Buganda but didn’t win overall in Uganda?
(iii) The fundamental reason for Museveni’s going to war a consequence of vote rigging. Why didn’t he make it his fundamental obligation to put the records straight? Why is the infighting within NRM, resulting into independent candidates, hinged upon vote rigging?

Therefore, I’m convinced, as before,that there’s going to massive vote rigging in favor of Museveni. Besigye, who would be the rightful winner, will be left in the cold once again.


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